8 unusual hen party ideas

When it comes to planning a hen party, the pressure’s on to find something that everyone – but especially the bride – will enjoy. The classics such as a city break, bar crawl or spa weekend are always crowd-pleasers, but what happens if the bride is keen to do something different?


Luckily, there are endless options out there for unique and unusual hen party ideas. Whether you’re looking for relaxation or adventure, creativity or mystery, we’ve put together a list of our 8 favourite hen dos with a difference.


1. Escape room


What better way to get the bridesmaids bonding than to lock everyone in a room together? Escape rooms continue to be hugely popular thanks to the balance of tricky challenges and team fun, and you can now find one to suit every type of hen group.


From being kidnapped by a serial killer for the horror fans, to Ancient Egyptian tombs for the history buffs, you’re sure to find one to beat. And what better way to celebrate your escape than with a bottle of bubbly afterwards?


2. Glamping


For brides that love the great outdoors, why not take the hens outside and organise a camping trip? This doesn’t have to involve mud, wellies and freezing tents either – there are some ultra-luxurious glamping options across the UK to ensure everyone stays warm and has fun.


Real beds, wood burners and hot running water are available in most glamping sites, not to mention beautiful views (and maybe a nearby pub). Take along some fairy lights to make it pretty and some marshmallows to toast over the fire and you’ve got the recipe for an amazing hen party with a difference.


3. Murder mystery


What could be a better combination than dressing up in your fanciest outfit, enjoying a three-course dinner and…catching a killer? Murder mystery hen parties are ideal for those who enjoy a healthy mix of luxury and drama, as hens compete to crack clues and solve the crime.


Get your 1920s gladrags on, sip on cocktails and enjoy delicious food as you mingle with fellow guests and professional actors, using your super sleuthing skills to work out whodunnit.


4. Wellbeing retreat


Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, so whisking the bride away on a weekend of meditation and mindfulness could be the perfect antidote to stress. Choose a location in the heart of the countryside for lots of fresh air and beautiful views, and book in some spa treatments and yoga sessions to give everyone a mental and physical boost.


After a couple of days to relax and regenerate, you’ll notice the difference in the whole hen party, and you’ll be adored by the bride for organising such a welcome break from wedding planning.


5. Wine tasting


If you’re keen to do some sipping at the hen do but aren’t a fan of the classic bar crawl, wine tasting is a far more relaxed and sociable option. Whether in a stylish city bar or a country vineyard, you’ll be able to enjoy a host of delicious wines as well as some tasty nibbles.


To add some extra touches, you could play some classic hen do games such as Mr & Mrs, or hand out some favours such as personalised bottle stoppers to each hen.


6. Scavenger hunt


Add the element of adventure to your bachelorette party by organising a fun scavenger or treasure hunt for everyone to get involved in. Challenges could range from getting a selfie with a stranger to creating a makeshift veil to finding someone with the same name as the bride.


The scavenger hunt can cover as much time and distance as you like, but be careful not to be too ambitious – you don’t want to tire everyone out! You could space out the challenges to have each hen check off an item every half an hour, or one in each venue.


7. Pottery making


For those unafraid to get messy and do something different, a pottery making class is a great choice for a more creative hen do. Expert instructors will demonstrate how it’s done before letting you get on the potters’ wheel to create a pot, bowl or mug of your very own.


You’ll then be able to have a go at painting your masterpiece – prizes for the best one! Afterwards, each hen will have a unique memento to take home as a party favour.


8. Life drawing party


If you’re hens of high culture (or you’re just feeling a bit cheeky), how about organising a life drawing class? Equipment is usually provided, and there’ll be an instructor to guide you and give you tips for creating your great artwork.


Not only will life drawing help you to hone your creative skills, but it’ll also guarantee a few giggles – especially if there’s free bubbly involved.


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