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Street Food Pop Ups

Quirky Bird

With dishes such as Cape Malay Chicken and Jerk Chicken with Rice and Peas they are ideal for the pop up Street Food collection

If street food interests you we host these as pop up recipe collections, and serve from our Market Stalls, you can choose from the following:

Hound Dog

Doesn’t almost everyone love a Hot Dog? Our new range of Gourmet Hot Dogs packed with tasty toppings

Mexican Kitchen

The Mexican Kitchen has been developed to offer seven creative combos in three different ways. Either handheld as a burrito, tacos or piled high in a bowl.

Finish the dish the way you like –hot and spicy, or cool and tasty.

The different combos offer a great range of flavour sensations from lime and sweet chilli prawns, through to smoky pulled chicken and healthy Mexican veggies

Tempting sides of Nachos, Churros and Salads complete the concept

Falafel St.

Hot on the heels of Feast, comes Falafel St.

A collection of Falafels, Koftas, Salads and Sauces which can be served in wraps or Pittas

With traditional Middle Eastern add onsalso available such as Bourekas, a cheesy pastry with apricots and caramelised onions sold by the inch

Rib Shack

American inspired rib and BBQ offers are exploding all over the global street food scene at the moment.

Kansas City Rib Shack is centred on the use of more flavoursome cuts of meat that can take great marinades and rubs. It combines them with slow cooking methods to create flavour packed food.

Ribs, Slides, Slaws and Sauces – mix and match to create your favourite combo!


A collection of recipes from Indonesia, Brazil and Greece

Indonesian food –fresh, simple ingredients, combined with a subtle blend of spices, resulting in a tasty meal.

Brazilian food is an exuberant, colourful mix of Portuguese, African and native foods.

Greece is home to some of the finest ingredients in the word. A great way to sample them is in traditional Greek Mezze. It should be full of robust flavours and generous portions

We work in partnership with Baxterstorey to deliver high quality food and exceptional dining service