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We recognise cuisine style, quality and good value as being vitally important in making your wedding day one to remember for you and just as importantly, your guests. At Bradbourne House we feel this is exactly what we are able to offer through our dedicated in house hospitality team lead by our Head Chef who has crafted a stunning Culinary Collection for you to select from.

The freshest, finest and where appropriate local ingredients, are brought to life by our Head Chef and his team for you and your guests to enjoy.






We offer a free consultation service, along with Menu Tastings. The Menu Tastings provide a ‘dress rehearsal’ for your special day and enable you to sample your chosen menus and to personalise them if required. We will talk you through every aspect of your culinary and beverage requirements so you have a detailed understanding of what will be served to you and your guests.

The following menus provide a wide variety to choose from and present you with the opportunity to satisfy your day and evening guests equally. However, if you have other specific needs or ideas, we would be delighted to arrange an initial telephone consultation with a member of our team who will happily discuss your requirements in more detail.


Within The Gladstone Collection, The Braeburn Collection and The Bardsey Collection, you will find menus for Canapés, Wedding Breakfasts, Spit Roast, evening Barbeque, evening Finger Buffets and evening Fork Buffets. In addition to these you will also discover our similarly named Drinks Collections.

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We look forward to discussing your requirements with you but in the meantime, please note the following additional comments:

  • Descriptions at the top of each menu explain how many dishes you may select.
  • The Collections are based upon a minimum of 60 adult covers, however should you have a smaller wedding party, bespoke menus can be offered. Please just ask.
  • When selecting your evening menu, you are required to cater for at least 80% of all guests. For example, 80 day guests + 40 extra evening guests x 80% (of 120 guests) = 96 covers
  • Minimum covers for the Wedding Breakfast, Spit Roast and Evening Spit Roast menus is 80 adult covers.
  • The evening Barbeque menu can only be taken in conjunction with a daytime Wedding Breakfast menu.
  • We offer complimentary meals for children aged 0-5 years old. (These cannot be included in the minimum covers calculation).
  • Children aged 6-12 years old are charged at half price.
  • Specially designed Children’s Menu for guests up to 12 years old
  • Vegetarian/Vegan and special dietary needs can be catered for and discussed not only with you but also directly with the guest if required.

We look forward to discussing your requirements with you.

Click here to view Wedding sample PDF menu:

We work in partnership with Baxterstorey to deliver high quality food and exceptional dining service