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Your Guide to a Beautiful Spring Wedding

Kent is the Garden of England, with breathtaking countryside, stunning coastline and world-famous attractions. Now that winter’s fading away, it’s the perfect setting for a Spring wedding. You may be thinking that Summer is the traditional go-to wedding season, but there are so many reasons to have a Spring wedding. And if it’s good enough for Beyonce and Jay-Z who got married on 4th April, it’s good enough for us!



1. Delicate Palettes

We adore pastel colour schemes. Subtle greens, pinks, blues and yellows complemented by the backdrop of the natural beauty of the season. A blush theme can be so romantic. Fresher and brighter shades can be a unique change from the rich heavy jewel colours of Winter and Summer.

Spring is also the perfect opportunity for your guests to wear something a little different from the usual summer wedding attire and really let your and their personality shine.


2. Fresh Flavours

Spring brings with it an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, providing a fantastic choice to create a delicious seasonal wedding menu. When it comes to wedding food ideas the variety of British produce available in Spring makes for some exciting ingredient choices. Spring Lamb, gooseberries, rhubarb, radish, Jersey royals, samphire, asparagus and a plethora of seafood including lobster and crab, will bring a fresh, sophisticated element to your day.

This is your chance for you and your guests to experience something a little different when it comes to flavours and ingredient combinations.


3. Spring Blooms

As Spring starts to bloom so do the most beautiful flowers. In addition to gorgeous Peonies being in season, you can choose from Roses, Hydrangeas and Tulips. Pale pinks and warm yellows; you’ll be spoilt for choice when discussing options with your florist.  

Delicate blooms and sweet scents. Here at the house, our Orchard will be in full bloom and the driveway bursting with Daffodils.


4. New Beginnings

Spring is synonymous with rebirth and full of new energy as we leave the darker colder months of Winter behind. So, what better time to get married? Spring is a time of renewal and new life. Guests will have something to look forward to after the cold short days of winter and be in a brighter more positive mood as they look forward to the warmer months. And of course, it’s a time for new arrivals like the fluffy goslings who’ll be arriving at this time of year on our lakeside.


5. Less Demand

If you’ve set your heart on a venue, chances are that lots of couples have too. High demand and competition during the peak summer period may mean you miss out on the dates you want. If you’re booking at short notice missing out on your dream venue completely. Suppliers and your guests will find it easier to book accommodation at this less busy time. You may even be able to pick up some out of season discounts and packages.

The cheapest months for your wedding would be January, March, April and November. During these months, vendors are typically more available and less expensive.


6. Greater Availability

Got your eye on a leading local band? If you’re getting married in spring, it will be a little easier to secure your favourite suppliers. Unlike the summer months, where you’ll find some suppliers getting booked up in advance, spring wedding dates are more widely available. With more availability come potential discounts. Friends will also be thankful that weddings are spaced throughout the year as there aren’t so many other commitments as the Summer Holidays and weddings to attend every weekend until the start of October.

Believe it or not, you’re a bit more likely to get some better wedding presents when you get married in early spring. After ‘dry’ January is over, people have more money to send again, but it hasn’t yet hit summer so guests aren’t bogged down with expenses from holidays and other weddings.


7. Eggsquisite Decorations

In Spring wedding table settings can have a more relaxed feel, or you could go full on Easter themed. If you’re creating Wedding Favours – seed packets are a cute and different idea to include and ideal for Springtime. You could also give away small baskets full of decorated Easter Eggs. A creative touch that guests won’t forget.


8. Great Light

Lighting is everything when it comes to photographs on your wedding day. It may sound strange, but the fresh bright light of Spring is perfect for capturing stunning photographs. Cloud cover provides much better lighting for stunning shots than highly sunny, cloudless days.


9. Perfect balance of hot and cold

The milder temperatures of Spring means that getting married at this time of year is ideal as you’ll be able to benefit from the best of both worlds. The perfect temperature. A combination of indoor and outdoor wedding photography will create opportunities for a variety of memorable shots.

There’ll still be a chance of rain, so be prepared with umbrellas and wellies that you and your guests can pop on if needed!


10. Stand out from the crowd

Who doesn’t like to stand out? Your wedding is a chance to really let your style and personality shine through. Choosing a Spring wedding will offer your guests a unique and unforgettable experience. Marrying out of the usual Summer period will add a real twist to your special day.

Each season has benefits and advantages, and Bradbourne House is the perfect backdrop regardless of weather or season.


Wedding Slide5.

Emma and Billy’s wedding at Bradbourne House


Planning our wedding was the easy and fun bit – and being very decisive, it didn’t take us long. We knew we wanted one venue for the ceremony and reception, and wanted it to be in a picturesque and rural Kent location; we visited Bradbourne House within a few weeks of being engaged and were completely mesmerised by the grand exterior, stunning grounds and Great Hall. All of the other details came together very quickly – a few weeks of Pinterest research and I knew exactly what I wanted. Our venue, with its orchards, lake and walled gardens inspired our theme – The Secret Garden. Our incredible florist helped guide me with my overall vision, but very limited knowledge of flowers other than ‘I like purple and meadow flowers’ into her elaborate creations with lavender, astilbe, sweet peas and lisianthus, whilst still having the whimsical and meadow feel. My incredibly creative friend Louisa, helped make our seating plan; a gold gilted picture frame, covered in moss and hanging keys with guest names; we had piles of books with individually made table number signs, made out of wood and old mismatched doorknobs (a great Etsy find); all stationery designed by Billy, who was graphic designer before going into teaching; and my biggest (but most troublesome) centrepiece idea – candelabras with china teacups and saucers with flowers in them. This was a headache from start to finish and wouldn’t have been possible without Kevin, a dear and wonderfully gifted friend from work who tirelessly secured each piece of china to the candelabras.


Clothes didn’t take us long either. I knew I wanted something form fitting, beaded and with elaborate back detailing. After picking up a business card for Great Expectations Bridal from a wedding fair, it was the first and last wedding dress boutique I went to, which was especially special having my mum, who had flown over from Northern Ireland, to be with me. I had my Louboutin shoes with me (priorities – shoes before dress!), my mother was plaid with champagne and the ladies working there completely understood what I was looking for and very quickly found my perfect dress – a heavily beaded Madison James Art Deco style sheath dress with a cafe coloured underlay, sheer panelled back and with pearl buttons. One shop – done! Billy, loving his fashion even more than me, found his perfect outfit from Ted Baker, combining a stone coloured blazer, with blue waist coat and trousers with a silk scarf knotted underneath his shirt.


It’s hard to explain how incredible our day was: I was brimming with excitement when I saw the flowers and cake arriving at the venue, and loved the relaxed atmosphere of the bridal party getting our hair and makeup done exactly how I envisioned it. What I wasn’t expecting was how emotional I was all day; it was so overwhelming to be surrounded by the people you love most in the world all in one place and is something we will forever treasure. James, our photographer, felt more like a guest and friend, and caught beautiful candid shots throughout the day. We were so lucky to have a string trio as I walked down the isle and after the ceremony, and a band in the evening who were incredibly accommodating. They were so sweet and performed our first dance, Chris Isaak’s Wicked Games, despite it not being on their playlist.

Highlights of our day are:

  1. Having Jack, a past student of mine – and ridiculously talented composer and cinematographer – film the most stunning wedding video which perfectly captures the feel, and special moments of the day.
  2. My dad’s father of the bride speech – something he has been collecting material for, and threatening me with for years. From a family who all like the sound of our own voices, he didn’t disappoint. I managed to stop video footage being shown, but he had props including a dumbbell, a branch and a toilet brush!
  3. Our evening ending with a much hyped drum-off, between Billy’s best man, Mark and his dad Mickey. The stakes were high with Mickey being a member of Nine Below Zero (a band that toured with The Who in the 80s) and Mark, who gave an expert performance of ‘Wipeout’. Jaws hit the floor as the competition heated up and everyone screamed like fan girls.


Top tip(s) for other brides:

  • Accept help from your friends – it makes the small details even more special
  • I wish I’d known not to eat before the cake tasting – savour every morsel offered!