Wedding breakfast ideas: What food should you serve?

Apart from seeing the happy couple tying the knot, we know that for guests, one of the most exciting parts of a wedding is the food. However, choosing your menu can be one of the most stressful parts of planning your big day.


The good news is that you have plenty of choice. The wedding breakfast (so-called because it’s the first meal after the couple are married) has traditionally been a sit-down, 3-course affair, but today’s newlyweds have practically any style of catering available to them.


Whether it’s Thai green curry or a chocolate fountain, couples can choose food that reflects their personality and fits in with the overall theme of their wedding. We’ve put together this guide to help you design the perfect wedding breakfast for you.


Our tips


Consider the time of year

If you’re holding your big day at the height of summer, it may not be the best idea to serve up soup followed by roast lamb. Think of what the weather might be like and whether your guests are likely to be milling around outside. Finger food is great for sunny days, whereas a festive feast would be welcome in winter.


Dietary needs

Thankfully, the majority of wedding caterers are now well-versed in catering for vegans, vegetarians and gluten-free guests. However, it’s always important to check that there’s a food option available for all manner of dietary needs and preferences. You don’t need the stress of worrying about a starving, grumpy guest on your big day.


Late night food

If you’re getting married early in the day and the wedding breakfast takes place soon after, chances are that everyone will be getting hungry towards the end of the night – especially after all that dancing. Making preparations for a nearly-midnight feast such as a pizza van or bacon sandwiches will ensure your guests go home very happy.


Do what you love

Our most important tip. When planning your wedding, it’s common for everyone and their mother to give their opinion on every decision you make. Just because the girls from work think you should have a doughnut wall doesn’t mean you have to (although that does sound good). Use your and your partner’s favourite dishes as a starting point and go from there. It will make it so much more special when your wedding breakfast is reflective of what you love.


5 amazing wedding breakfast ideas to inspire you


The traditional one

The classic wedding breakfast option isn’t going anywhere, and for good reason. There are few food options more indulgent than a 3 course meal, and sitting down together gives you and your guests the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company.


Traditional definitely doesn’t mean boring, either – a sit-down meal provides the opportunity for elaborate, creative plating that adds a sense of theatre to the occasion. You could also choose dishes with unique flavour combinations or unusual ingredients to step away from the norm. Equally, you can never go wrong with classic British fare – roast potatoes will always be a winner.


The sharing one

Food is a great conversation starter, so what better way to get guests bonding than with a selection of sharing platters? This family style of dining is great for a more casual wedding, and allows each table to sample a variety of different dishes in one meal. If it’s a glorious day, you could dine picnic-style, with nibbles and sandwiches laid out on colourful blankets and benches.


The finger food one

Ideal for warm weather weddings but enjoyable in all seasons, finger or fork buffets comprise a selection of small dishes that can be eaten in two or three bites, making them perfect for when guests are milling around with a drink in hand.


This style of wedding breakfast is good for socialising, as it allows for unbroken conversation, and can be a mixture of hot and cold nibbles. Just make sure you overcompensate for the amount of veggies in attendance, as the meat eaters will likely grab a bit of everything.


The build-your-own one

This trend started in the US but is gradually becoming a fixture in UK weddings. Guests can visit a make-your-own station to build a burger, decorate a cupcake or mix a cocktail of their very own. It’s a really fun activity to keep everyone entertained during the reception, and is a fairly low-maintenance way to do a wedding breakfast. For extra enjoyment, you could hold a competition to see who makes the most delicious treat.


The street food one

Having blown up in recent years, street food is now a staple in the wedding food scene. The amount of choice available for newlyweds is incredible, with feasts from all areas of the globe and a variety of Insta-worthy concoctions.


There’s no denying the novelty and fun factor of having a food truck at your wedding, and guests will love watching their meal be whipped up right in front of their eyes.


Don’t forget the drinks!


You may have decided on your dream wedding breakfast thanks to this article, but there’s still an essential component to consider: what are you and your guests going to drink? Wine is the classic choice for a sit-down meal, and Prosecco and Buck’s Fizz are popular choices for welcome drinks.


You could hire a mobile bar for a quirky touch, or even design a bespoke cocktail with your other half for your guests to toast you with. Of course, you’ll also need some non-alcoholic spritzers and juices for those who don’t drink.


If you’re still not sure about what to serve up on your big day, take a look at our wedding food and drink page for inspiration.

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